Sentence Examples with the word abuse

The inhabitants of Berlin, headed by their mayor, came out to meet him, and the newspapers lavished adulation on the victors and abuse on the beaten army.

He also persuaded his colleagues to grant some rather scandalous pensions, and Fox's acquiescence in this abuse after his recent agitation against Lord North's waste did him injury.

Manifestly Socrates' use of certain forms of argumentation, like their abuse by the sophists, tended to evoke their logical analysis.

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The business of the professional money-lender is one which, as tyranny and abuse are likely to appear, all countries have at different times endeavoured to regulate.

On his return to Liegnitz he helped to spread the principles of the Reformation in the principality and in Silesia, while warning his colleagues against the abuse of the doctrine of justification by faith.

It is easy to see that such conclusions ignore important distinctions, and are, indeed, to a large extent an abuse of language.

He bore popular abuse and misrepresentation without the slightest murmur or sourness of temper.

But he soon began to abuse his p ower by selling public offices to the highest bidders, or conferring them on his followers.

The abuse of this instance of Newtonian analysis betrays the whole origin of the current confusion of induction with deduction.

The object is the protection of widows and orphans, but the right has been very much abused, and its abuse is in part responsible for the high rate of interest which prevails.