Sentence Examples with the word absolutist

Beneath an outward gloss of refinement these nobles were, as a class, coarse and selfish, and they made it their chief object to promote their own interests by fostering absolutist tendencies.

Along with the change in system went high-handed and absolutist tendencies in policy.

Subsequently matters were much complicated by the absolutist tendencies of Gustavus.

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Though the direct results of these unions were the restoration of prestige to the absolutist papacy and the bringing of Byzantine men of letters, like Bessarion, to the West, the outcome was on the whole disappointing.

There is an intellectualist logic coalescent with an absolutist metaphysic as aforesaid.

Like her brother, she had all the domestic virtues, and, as was to be expected of a sister of Louis XVI., she was in favour of absolutist principles.

Steeped in absolutist ideas, James was not likely to tolerate religious dissent.

That history comprises four periods: (a) From 1826 to 1834 the clerical and absolutist parties led by D.

An absolutist counter-revolution at once broke out in the north.

It should be noted, none the less, that the third Duma succeeded in establishing its position, and that in view of its useful activities even the extreme Right came to realize that there could be no return to the old undisguised absolutist regime (see History, below, ad fin.).