Sentence Examples with the word abruzzi

They also afford feeding-ground for large herds of swine, and the hams and sausages of the Abruzzi enjoy a high reputation.

In the Abruzzi and in Apulia both regular and irregular workmen are engaged by the year.

Subiaco in the Abruzzi was the cradle of the Benedictines, and in that neighbourhood St Benedict established twelve monasteries.

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Sir Sidney Smith with a British squadron captured Capri (February 18o6), and the peasants of the Abruzzi and Calabria soon began to give trouble.

Bindi, Monumenti degli Abruzzi (Naples, 1889), pp. 405 sqq.; P. L.

Bindi, Monumenti storici ed artistici degli Abruzzi (Naples, 1889); A.

The industry is chiefly developed in Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria; to some extent also in Campania, Venetia and Tuscany, and to a less extent in Lazio (Rome), Apulia, Emilia, the Marches, Umbria, the Abruzzi and Sicily.

In the Abruzzi and in Apulia leasehold is predominant.

Birth and marriage rates vary considerably, being highest in the centre and south (Umbnia, the Marches, Apulia, Abruzzi and Molise, and Calabria) and lowest in the north (Piedmont, Liguria and Venetia), and in Sardinia.