Sentence Examples with the word abridged

A more recently discovered version in Magdalene College, Cambridge, in MS. Pepys 2498, is entitled The Recluse, and is abridged and differently arranged.

An abridged German translation has been made by G.

By the early constitutions of the Church of England a bishop was allowed a space of two months to inquire and inform himself of the sufficiency of every presentee, but by the ninety-fifth of the canons of 1604 that interval has been abridged to twenty-eight days, within which the bishop must admit or reject the clerk.

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Besides his articles in the Princeton Review, he published a Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (1835, abridged 1836, rewritten and enlarged 1864, new ed.

Lee published for the Oriental Translation Fund a version from the abridged MSS.

Was to be repeated each century; but this period was greatly abridged by succeeding popes (see Jubilee, Year or), so that in the years 1 35 o, 1 39 0, 1423, 1 45 o, 1 475, 1500, the troops of pilgrims again came streaming into Rome to obtain the cherished dispensation.

The Lives of the Seven Bishops followed in 1866 - after a longer interval, part of which was employed in producing an abridged version of her Queens of England.

Florus and Eutropius abridged him; Orosius extracted from him his proofs of the sinful blindness of the pagan world; and in every school Livy was firmly established as a textbook for the Roman youth.

He was the author of an alphabetical lexicon, chiefly of poetical words, abridged from the great lexicon (llEpi yXcovv(7w) of Pamphilus of Alexandria (fl.

Ff., 843 ff.; for canons and abridged translation used by the Reformed Church in America, P. Schaff, The Creeds of Christendom (3rd ed., New York, 1877), 55 o ff.