Sentence Examples with the word abound in

The treatises of Gerhoh of Reichersberg (1093-1169) abound in trenchant attacks upon the greed and venality of the Curia, the arrogance and extortion of the legates, the abuse of exemptions and appeals, and the German policy of Adrian IV.

His letters and his poems abound in impudent demands for money from patrons, some of them couched in language of the lowest adulation, and others savouring of literary brigandage.

Excellent fish abound in the Mare Piccolo, ninety-three different species being found.

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Trout abound in the mountain streams, and black bass in the rivers of the interior.

They abound in passages of fervid religious exhortation.

Trout abound in the mountain streams and lakes, barbel and many other species of Cyprinidae in the rivers of the plains.

The sturgeons, which abound in the Black Sea and Caspian, and ascend the rivers that fall into them, are also found in Asiatic Russia, and an allied form extends to southern China.

The speeches abound in details which may be accepted as authentic, either because there is no reason for misrepresentation or on account of their circumstantiality.

Ducks, cranes and other aquatic birds abound in the delta.

Gulls and amphibious birds abound in large variety; three kinds of penguin have their rookeries and breed here, migrating yearly for some months to the South American mainland.