Sentence Examples with the word abortion

For example, in one of Plato's dialogues (Theaet.), Socrates is made to speak of artificial abortion as a practice, not only common but allowable; and Plato himself authorizes it in his Republic (lib.

Variations in the structure and forms of leaves and leafstalks are produced by the increased development of cellular tissue, by the abortion or degeneration of parts, by the multiplication or repetition of parts and by adhesion.

In the age of child abuse, Aids, abortion and IVF the abduction narratives would voice new concerns.

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And I don't believe in abortion either.

In most states not only is the person who causes the abortion punishable, but also any one who supplies any drug or instrument for the purpose.

In some cases, as in the vine-family Ampelidaceae, this seems to be the ordinary mode of development, but the superposition of the stamens on the sepals in many plants, as in the pink family, Caryophyllaceae, is due to the suppression or abortion of the whorl of petals, and this idea is borne out by the development, in some plants of the order, of the suppressed whorl.

Among primitive savage races abortion is practised to a far less extent than infanticide, which offers a simpler way of getting rid of inconvenient progeny.

In all the countries of Europe the causing of abortion is now punishable with more or less lengthy terms of imprisonment.

In England the Anglo-Saxons seem to have regarded abortion only as an ecclesiastical offence.

The abortion of certain spores, which is known to have taken place both in the homosporcus C. Binneyana and in the megasporangia of C. Casheana, may throw some light on the origin of the heterosporous condition.