Sentence Examples with the word aboard

Pedro aboard the flagship. In July they reached Portugal and occupied Oporto, but the expected constitutionalist rising did not take place.

The commonwealth also maintains aboard a national ship a nautical training school (1891) for instruction in the science and practice of navigation.

Her latest protest was lost on the warriors, who dragged her aboard yet another ship.

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Where an offence has been committed on the high seas, or aboard ashore, by British seamen or apprentices, the consul makes inquiry on oath, and may send home the offender and witnesses by a British ship, particulars for the Board of Trade being endorsed on the agreement for conveyance.

She stared at a helicopter as it lifted nimbly into the air, imagining Mr. Tim and other politicians aboard it.

The Captain came aboard last night.

Romas had attempted once to explain the clothing was not woven aboard the ship but created on his home planet, molecularly broken into invisible pieces and stored somewhere aboard the ship.

A day or two passed, and there was great activity aboard the Pequod.

Destiny climbed aboard and straddled her.

I have sailed from the Indies to Persia in Indian ships, when no European has been aboard but myself.