Sentence Examples with the word abiding

And brave as he might be, it was that sort of bravery chiefly, visible in some intrepid men, which, while generally abiding firm in the conflict with seas, or winds, or whales, or any of the ordinary irrational horrors of the world, yet cannot withstand those more terrific, because more spiritual terrors, which sometimes menace you from the concentrating brow of an enraged and mighty man.

The abiding tradition of the Cretan aborigines, as preserved by Herodotus (vii.

The abiding interest in Korner is patriotic and political rather than literary.

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The impression made by him in parliament is in some danger of being forgotten, because he was not instrumental in carrying any great measure that might serve as an abiding memorial.

This incident it simply did not fall within the scope of Acts (see below) to narrate, since it had no abiding effect on the Church's extension.

As a historian, indeed, he left no abiding work; the multiplicity of his interests prevented him from concentrating on any one subject.

It will then apply the tests thus gained to the narratives special to this Gospel; and point out the book's special difficulties and limits, and its abiding appeal and greatness.

The most important fact in his history is his confession, recorded by Orosius, that he saw the inability of his countrymen to rear a civilized or abiding kingdom, and that consequently his aim should be to build on Roman foundations and blend the two nations into one.

But the abiding value of his work lies in his preservation of facts in Roman history, religion, antiquities and language, which but for him might have perished.

In the numberless transitions that, whilst connecting, separate the spell and the prayer we observe as the accompaniment of every mood from extreme imperiousness to extreme humility an abiding will and desire to help the action out.