Sentence Examples with the word abhorrent

The teaching was not necessarily presented in the form of an over-elaborated moral lesson, but was associated with conceptions familiar to the land; and when these conceptions are examined from the anthropological standpoint, they are found to contain much that is strange and even abhorrent to modern convictions of a purely spiritual deity.

The religious views of Servetus, marked by strong individuality, are not easily described in terms of current systems. His denial of the tripersonality of the Godhead and the eternity of the Son, along with his anabaptism, made his system abhorrent to Catholics and Protestants alike, in spite of his intense Biblicism, his passionate devotion to the person of Christ, and his Christocentric scheme of the universe.

But such deliberate hypocrisy was abhorrent to Spinoza's nature.

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Religious feeling in the West recoiled from the crucifix as late as the 6th century, and it was equally abhorrent to the Monophysites of the East who regarded the human nature of Christ as swallowed up in the divine.

They were abhorrent to the advanced ethical teaching of prophets and of those imbued with the spirit of Deuteronomy (cf.

A speculative construction of religion was abhorrent to him, a thing of which he seems to have thought the human mind naturally incapable.

After her repudiation he married, probably for political reasons, his full-sister Arsinoe (II.), the widow of Lysimachus, by an Egyptian custom abhorrent to Greek morality.

That ghastly whiteness it is which imparts such an abhorrent mildness, even more loathsome than terrific, to the dumb gloating of their aspect.

Rites are practised in the name of religion which are abhorrent to Yahweh, because they either have no moral meaning at all, and are mere forms.