Sentence Examples with the word abductor

The odd tension was between them again, and she wondered what it was about her abductor that made her blood burn, especially when he was so unapproachable.

They stopped looking for Annie's abductor when you were jailed for another crime.

He frees her from imprisonment in the castle of Meleagant, who has carried her off against her will - (a similar adventure is related in Lanzelet, where the abductor is Valerin, and Lanzelet is not the rescuer) - and, although he recovers his kingdom from Claudas, he prefers to remain a simple knight of Arthur's court, bestowing the lands on his cousins and half-brother Hector.

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This abductor was a high level serial killer and of paramount interest to the special FBI task force.

I briefed Betsy who listed with rapt interest, especially as I expressed my strong belief that Annie's abductor might very well be our Delabama stalker.

Our abductor was nowhere in sight.

The subject of the poem is the rescue of the queen from her abductor Meleagant; and what makes the matter more perplexing is that Chretien handles the situation as one with which his hearers are already familiar; it is Lancelot, and not Arthur or another, to whom the office of rescuer naturally belongs.

In the Lanzelet of Ulrich von Zatzikhoven the abductor is Falerin.

Plagiarius meant a kidnapper, stealer or abductor of a slave or child, though it is also used in the modern sense of a literary pilferer or purloiner by Martial (I.

A curious fragment of Welsh dialogues, printed by Professor Rhys in his Studies on the Arthurian Legend, appears to represent Kay as the abductor, In the pseudo-Chronicles and the romances based upon them the abductor is Mordred, and in the chronicles there is no doubt that the lady was no unwilling victim.