Sentence Examples with the word abdication

The following year he and his disciple Gerson formed part of the great embassy sent by the princes to the two pontiffs, and while in Italy he was occupied in praiseworthy but vain efforts to induce the pope of Rome to remove himself to a town on the Italian coast, in the neighbourhood of his rival, where it was hoped that the double abdication would take place.

He denounced the peace of Augsburg as a pact with heresy; nor would he recognize the abdication of Charles V.

Maria da Gloria (then aged seven); but this abdication was made contingent upon her marriage with her uncle D.

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In March 1490 the county of Tirol was added to his possessions through the abdication of his kinsman, Count Sigismund, and this district soon became his favourite residence.

National discontent with a feeble government produced a revolution in 1808 by which he passed to the throne by the forced abdication of his father.

Together with Shulguin, he submitted the Act of Abdication for signature to Nicholas II.

Of Spain, to whom, in 1555 on the abdication of the emperor, he transferred his services, and by whom he was employed in the Netherlands.

His father declined the throne on the abdication of Isaac, who was accordingly succeeded by four emperors of other families between that date and 1081.

Ferdinand, now that the young archduke was of age, was able to carry out the abdication which he and his wife had long desired.

A revolt within the city soon afterwards resulted in the abdication of the reigning emperor Maurice, and in the elevation of Phocas to the throne, which seems to have been accomplished by one of the circus factions against the wish of the troops.