Sentence Examples with the word abbreviated

None of them were written except through the use of ideographs, in the making of which the Aztecs used colours with much skill, while the Mayas used an abbreviated form, or symbols.

It has been often reprinted, especially in an abbreviated form.

She offered an abbreviated version of Martha's eminent departure.

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It is distinguished by a simple yet thoroughly philosophical treatment of the ideas of number and magnitude, as well as by the introduction of new abbreviated processes of computation, to which De Morgan always attributed much practical importance.

Instead of these are cats with more or less abbreviated tails, showing in greater or less degree a decided kink or bend near the tip. In other cases the tail is of the short curling type of that of a bulldog; sometimes it starts quite straight, but divides in a fork-like manner near the tip; and in yet other instances it is altogether wanting, as in the typical Manx cats.

The second Jerusalem Targum, or the so-called pseudo-Jonathan, admittedly owes its ascription to Jonathan ben Uzziel to the incorrect solution of the abbreviated form by which it was fre quently cited, viz.

That's um, the abbreviated version.

The Slavonic is only of secondary value, as it is merely an abbreviated form of the Greek.

Langley, A Treatise on Computation (1895), has notes on approximate and abbreviated calculation.

Hazlitt, 1851, abbreviated by M.