Sentence Examples with the word abbacy

The date of his promotion to the abbacy is uncertain.

He was now firmly established in the favour of the king, who gave him successively the abbacy of St Severin, in the diocese of Poitiers, the office of almoner to the dauphiness, and in 1685 the bishopric of Lavaur, from which he was in 1687 promoted to that of Nimes.

The events of his first abbacy are narrated in the Annales monasterii S.

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The abbacy of Peterborough, which he held until his death.

Their number varies from ten to a hundred; and it is uncertain whether the honour is inherent in the abbacy of certain of the greatest cloisters, or whether the Dalai Lama exercises the right of choosing them.

Attracted by the fame of his countryman, Lanfranc, then prior of Bec, he entered Normandy, and, after spending some time at Avranches, settled at the monastery of Bec. There, at the age of twentyseven, he became a monk; three years later, when Lanfranc was promoted to the abbacy of Caen, he was elected prior.

It may have been due to these friends that he was offered the abbacy of Malmesbury in 1140.

He was presented to the abbacy of Tiron, and was elected to the Academy in 1695.

He resigned his abbacy in 1695, owing to declining health, and died in 1700.

Vienna it was decided that she was to add to these the greater part of Salzburg and the quarters of the Inn and Hausruck, receiving as compensation, besides Wurzburg and Aschaffenburg, the Palatinate on the left bank of the Rhine and certain districts of Hesse and of the former abbacy of Fulda.