Sentence Examples with the word aa

The AA is proud to have the benefit of an active and participatory democracy.

Thus miserably fell the monarchy of the Pharaohs, after aa unexampled duration of 3000 years, or as some think far longer.

The Kjellin furnace consists essentially of an annular trough, AA (fig.

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Such an expression as a l b 2 -a 2 b i, which is aa 2 ab 2 aa x 2 2 ax1' is usually written (ab) for brevity; in the same notation the determinant, whose rows are a l, a 2, a3; b2, b 2, b 3; c 1, c 2, c 3 respectively, is written (abc) and so on.

It is evident, in the first place, that in any displacement common to the two surfaces, the work of the two equal and opposite normal pressures will cancel; moreover if, one of the surfaces being fixed, an infinitely small displacement shifts the point of contact from A to B, and if A be the new position of that point of the sliding body which was at A, the pro jectior of AA on the normal at A is of the second order.

The other ridge of hills extends through the south-eastern division of the province called Twente, from Enschede to Ootmarsum, and divides the basin of the Almelosche Aa from the Dinkel and its streams. The river Vecht crosses the province from E.

GRONINGEN, a town of Holland, capital of the province of the same name, at the confluence of the two canalized rivers the Drentsche Aa and the Hunse (which are continued to the Lauwers Zee as the Reit Diep), 16 m.

The sides of the square are 6 in., and the centres AA are taken at 2 in.

Along its frontier, the Pernau, Salis, Livonian Aa and Embach are navigable.

The niche at the entrance, which is rarely wanting, served, no doubt, for the sentry on guard AA FIG.