Sentence Examples with the word a plastic

She filled a plastic bowl with water for the chickens and hauled buckets of water to the horses and buffalo.

Early in the morning I worked barefooted, dabbling like a plastic artist in the dewy and crumbling sand, but later in the day the sun blistered my feet.

Finally she put the knife down and started putting the sliced meat in a plastic container.

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She trudged through the snow to the shed and filled a plastic bucket with pellets.

The action of pressure is shown also by the fossils which sometimes occur in slates; they have been drawn out and distorted in such a way as to prove that the rock has undergone deformation and has behaved like a plastic mass.

Dean looked up from squeezing honey from a plastic bear onto a piece of whole wheat toast smeared with peanut butter.

Every solid substance is found to be plastic more or less, as exemplified by punching, shearing and cutting; but the plastic solid is distinguished from the viscous fluid in that a plastic solid requires a certain magnitude of stress to be exceeded to make it flow, whereas the viscous liquid will yield to the slightest stress, but requires a certain length of time for the effect to be appreciable.

She removed the lid from a plastic trash can and scooped out some food for him.

It's in the freezer, in a plastic bag wrapped with foil.

My specially soaked rag was secure in a plastic bag so I withdrew it and had it over the child's face before she turned to see who entered.