Sentence Examples with the word a paris

DANIEL FRANCCOIS ESPRIT AUBER (1782-1871), French musical composer, the son of a Paris printseller, was born at Caen in Normandy on the 29th of January 1782.

She was the daughter of Gratien Phlipon, a Paris engraver, who was ambitious, speculative and nearly always poor.

In Armenian Pitra gave some thirty-two chapters from a Paris MS. (13th century).

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A latter (probably Nestorian) recension is contained in a Paris MS., which was used along with the other by Bruns and Sachau in their exhaustive edition (Syrisch-romisches, Rechtsbuch, Leipzig, 1880).

He had married the daughter of a Paris 'working-man, Justine Eleanore Ruffin, by whom he had, before his marriage, two children: (I) Roland Napoleon, born on the 19th of May 1858, who entered the army, was excluded from it in 1886, and then devoted himself to geography and scientific explorations; (2) Jeanne, wife of the marquis de Vence.

Jordell, Repertoire bibliographique des principales revues francaises (3 vols., 1897-1899, 1898-1900), indexes about 350 periodicals; Annuaire de la presse francaise et du monde politique (1909-1910); Le Soudier, Annuaire des journaux, revues et publications periodiques parus a Paris jusqu'en 1909 (1910).

Neckam also wrote Corrogationes Promethei, a scriptural commentary prefaced by a treatise on grammatical criticism; a translation of Aesop into Latin elegiacs (six fables from this version, as given in a Paris MS., are printed in Robert's Fables inedites); commentaries, still unprinted, on portions of Aristotle, Martianus Capella and Ovid's Metamorphoses, and other works.

Her father was Maurice Dupin, a retired lieutenant in the army of the republic; her mother, Sophie Delaborde, the daughter of a Paris bird-fancier.

He entered the Congregation of the Christian Doctrine, and became tutor to the son of a Paris banker.

She travelled throughout France, preaching revolution, and in 1883 she led a Paris mob which pillaged a baker's shop. For this she was condemned to six years' imprisonment, but was released in 1886, at the same time as Prince Kropotkin and other prominent anarchists.