Sentence Examples with the word a million times

But he wasn.t about to walk up and down the stairwell or traipse through the shadow world a million times to accomplish the same goal.

Whatever she faced there was a million times better than whatever she faced away from him.

She told him a million times there was no way she was going to marry him then turn around and die.

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You could've killed me a million times over, but I'm your mate.

He'd talked Rhyn off the ledge a million times then defied past-Death to protect Katie.

But just as I would trust my doctor or nutritionist to create a custom vitamin formula for me based on all my medical records and health conditions, I would be a million times more comfortable letting the system do it based on every bite I swallow, every bit of my genetic code, and every byte of data about the billion people to which it has access.

I almost died a million times over, and if I didn't know how to enable the shields on the escape pod, I would have burned up in the atmosphere, and if that didn't kill me, then hitting the planet-- He held up a hand, planting it across her mouth when she refused to stop.

Those substances which are attracted, or rather which tend, like iron, to move from weaker to stronger parts of the magnetic field, are termed paramagnetic; those which are repelled, or tend to move from stronger to weaker parts of the field, are termed diamagnetic. Between the ferromagnetics and the paramagnetics there is an enormous gap. The maximum magnetic susceptibility of iron is half a million times greater than that of liquid oxygen, one of the strongest paramagnetic substances known.