Sentence Examples with the word a lot

Plus, raising plants and animals takes a long time and is a lot of work to boot.

Yeah, but remember a lot of guys go in the joint and a lot of guys get out.

I had a lot to say, and couldn't stop to think how to express things neatly.

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I was a cop for a lot of years.

He did a lot of bad things, and his mother was a demoness, a powerful one who seduced his father.

In his little room back of the Throne Room the Wizard had found a lot of things he had left behind him when he went away in the balloon, for no one had occupied the apartment in his absence.

They shared a lot of dreams, the way Carmen and Alex did.

In spite of all I said, his and Jen's baby has a lot better future than Billy Langstrom's.

The king created a lot of holidays to clothe the fact that the people had to work every day of the week.

Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do.