Sentence Examples with the word a jar of

In thoughts of the visions of the night, I saw long rows of angels in paradise, each with his hands in a jar of spermaceti.

Brunei, at this time, was a dependency of Majapahit (Java), and paid a yearly tribute of a jar of areca juice obtained from the young green nuts of the areca palm, and of no monetary value.

If chlorine be bubbled up into a jar of acetylene standing over water, a violent explosion, attended with a flash of intense light and the deposition of carbon, at once takes place.

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At one time she would come on board with a jar of pickles for the steward's pantry; another time with a bunch of quills for the chief mate's desk, where he kept his log; a third time with a roll of flannel for the small of some one's rheumatic back.

All right, suppose we bought a jar of live Praying Mantises at our neighborhood pest control store.

She snagged a jar of Jif and a spoon, retreating to her library.

Dean shrugged and reached for a jar of peanut butter just as Fred joined the couple.