Sentence Examples with the word a chest

There is a chest of drawers and a three-quarter bed in the attic.

He is said to have derived his name from the fact that when the Bacchiadae, warned that he would prove their ruin, sent emissaries to kill him in his cradle, his mother saved him by concealing him in a chest (Gr.

In his third or fourth year, while under the care of a nurse in Paris, he fell from a chest of drawers and injured his foot for life.

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At his birth Judas was enclosed in a chest and flung into the sea; picked up on a foreign shore, he was educated at the court until a murder committed in a moment of passion compelled his flight.

He stood full six feet in height, with noble shoulders, and a chest like a coffer-dam.

Of his earlier life it was said that he was born in Egypt of Levite parents, and when the Pharaoh commanded that every new-born male child of the Hebrews should be killed, he was put into a chest and cast upon the Nile.

The Ark of the Law, in the Jewish synagogue, is a chest or cupboard containing the scrolls of the Torah (Pentateuch), and is placed against or in the wall in the direction of Jerusalem.