Sentence Examples with the word a bit

The main point, however, was that they flew, and flew swiftly, if a bit unevenly, toward the rock for which they had headed.

Nous sommes mackes (It is... it is a bit of Mack.

Donnie's Ma needed a bit of convincing but figured I wasn't going to do him no harm.

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My guess is someone did a bit of planning for Jerome Shipton's big fall, and Edith hasn't demonstrated any real talent for long-range thinking.

If you are in a desert dying of thirst, you value the first glass of water very highly, the second glass a bit less, and the 802nd not at all.

Cynthia let her husband harangue a bit longer.

The Picts used a bit of tactical guile and lured the Northumbrians into a trap with deadly results.

Then, in a fit of honesty, he apologized for having put away a bit too much booze after he dropped her off.

It's in the Emperor's service... it can't be helped... one is sometimes a bit hasty on parade...

Hearing the whole truth makes me falter a bit when I think about what happened.