Sentence Examples with the word a Lake

Darian found a summer cabin beside a lake in a small logging town near the Black God's hideout.

In the meantime, the lost souls were stuck in a lake in the mortal world.

Show respectively the portion of the valley visible from the dam before impounding began, and the same portion as a lake on the completion of the work.

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Close to the bay there is a lake - a marsh in dry weather - which necessarily cramped the movements of troops landed at or near the bay.

Thus a fall in the gradient at any point in the course of a stream; any snag, projection or dam, impeding the current; the reduced velocity caused by the overflowing of streams in flood and the dissipation of their energy where they enter a lake or the sea, are all contributing causes to alluviation, or the deposition of streamborne sediment.

Here, too, are the capacious reservoirs for the water-supply of the town, the source of which is a lake to the south of the island.

Just above the Lol confluence the Jur broadens out and forms a lake (Ambadi) 0 m.

When this bar wears away Albert Edward Nyanza will, in all probability, disappear as a lake and will become a river, a continuation of its present most southern affluent, the Ruchuru.

Ft., which creates a lake extending up the Nile Valley for about 200 m.

Forms southern wall of a large ancient crater now occupied by a lake (Shikotsu).