Sentence Examples with the word Zuni

A glimpse of the terraced houses of an Indian village - now identified as Zuni - convinced him that he had seen one of the Seven Cities, and he hastened back with the good news.

In 1908 an irrigation reservoir in McKinley county for the use of the Zuni Indians and the Leasburg project (Dona Ana county; 20,000 acres) were completed.

He saw Zuni only from a distance, and his description of it as equal in size to the city of Mexico was probably exact; but he embodied much mere hearsay in his report, the Descubrimiento de las siete ciudades, which led F.

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It is represented to-day by the still undeserted habitats of Zuni (in New Mexico) and Tusayan; the Moquis, after the Zunis, are in customs and traditions the best survival of the ancient civilization.