Sentence Examples with the word Zeitschrift

Bastian also edited the Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologic from 1869, in conjunction with Virchow and Robert von Hartmann.

Hardy has discussed in the Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlaindischen Gesellschaft (1897), pp. 105-127, all that is known about him.

Ripley, The Races of Europe (1900, with long bibliography); The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain; Revue d'anthropologie (Paris); Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologie (Berlin).

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In 1870 he became chief pastor and superintendent at Jena and soon afterwards professor ordinarius of theology, but in 1875 he was called to the chair of systematic theology at Berlin, having made his name by a series of articles on New Testament criticism and Johannine, and Pauline theology, which appeared in Adolf Hilgenfeld's Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliche Theologie, and by his Der Paulinismus, published in 1873 (2nd ed., 1890; Eng.

He was also a contributor to the Monatsschrift des wissenschaftlichen Vereins in Zurich, the Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenliindischen Gesellschaft, the Theologische Studien u.

In 1868 he founded and edited the Allgemeine evang.-lutherische Kirchenzeitung, with its supplement the Theologisches Litteraturblatt, and in 1880 became editor of the Zeitschrift fiir kirchl.

Lind in Zeitschrift f.

At the meeting of the Naturforscherversammlung at Innsbruck in 1869, he was one of the founders of the German Anthropological Society, of which he became president in the following year; and from 1869 onwards he presided over the Berlin Anthropological Society, also acting as editor of its proceedings in the Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologic. In ethnology he published a volume of essays on the physical anthropology of the Germans, with special reference to the Frisians; and at his instance a census, which yielded remarkable results, was carried out among school children throughout Germany, to determine the relative distribution of blondes and brunettes.

Statistik (in 1861); Zeitschrift des Statistischen Bureaus, and Zeitschrift des Statistichen Bureaus des Konigreichs Sachsen.

For the history of Hamburg see the Zeitschrift des Vereins fur hamburgische Geschichte (1841, fol.); G.