Sentence Examples with the word Zebra

A few elephants, giraffes and zebras (equus burchelli - the true zebra is extinct) are still found in the north and north-eastern districts and in the same regions lions and leopards survive in fair numbers.

The zebra (Equus grevyi) is found in Ogaden and places to the south, the wild ass in the northern regions.

This class includes the elephant (now found only in the Knysna and neighbouring forest regions), buffalo and zebra (strictly preserved, and confined to much the same regions as the elephant), eland, oribi, koodoo, haartebeest and other kinds of antelope and gnu.

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Pigeons have been very little naturalized; the tame bird has become feral locally in various countries, and the Chinese turtledove (Turtur chinensis) is established in Hawaii, as is the small East Indian zebra dove (Geopelia striata) in the Seychelles, and the allied Australian (G.

Equus zebra is the smaller of the two (about 4 ft.

The magnification is too small to show the zebra striping of the pearlite.

Thirty mares put to a Burchell zebra produced seventeen hybrids, and subsequently twenty pure-bred foals.

But as equally distinct markings occurred on two pure-bred Highland foals out of mares which had never seen a zebra, it was impossible to ascribe the stripes on the foals born after zebra hybrids to infection of their respective dams. Further, the subsequent foals afforded no evidence of infection, either in the mane, tail, hoofs or disposition.

The second species, Burchell's zebra (Equus burchelli), is represented by a large number of local races, ranging from the plains north of the Orange river to north-east Africa.

The giraffe is found in the western districts, the zebra and wild ass frequent the lower plateaus and the rocky hills of the north.