Sentence Examples with the word Zaid

Abu Zaid also wrote on India, and his work is the most important that we possess before the epoch-making discoveries of Marco Polo.

So, on the other hand, there is no single verse or clause which can be plausibly made out to be an interpolation by Zaid at the instance of Abu Bekr, Omar, or Othman.

It is said that Othman directed Zaid and his associates, in cases of disagreement, to follow the Koreish dialect; but, though well attested, this account can scarcely be correct.

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Unfortunately for Zaid he had to do with the same Kufians whose fickleness had already been fatal to his family.

The combination of pieces of different origin may proceed partly from the possessors of the codices from which Zaid compiled his first complete copy, partly from Zaid himself.