Sentence Examples with the word Zahn

Harnack, Julicher and McGiffert, however, agree with Lightfoot, Weiss, Zahn (and early tradition) in holding that the letter is wholly Pauline - a position which is proving more and more acceptable to contemporary scholarship.

Recently Schubert has sought to derive the elements which are found in the Petrine Gospel, but not in the canonical gospels, from the original Ada Pilati, while Zahn exactly reverses the relation of these two works.

The book is variously dated by different scholars: Zahn assigns it to the years A.D.

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Weiss, Meyer, Sabatier, Lightfoot, Hort, Sanday, Bacon, Julicher, Harnack, Zahn and many others.

Lipsius and Zahn assign it to the middle of the 2nd century.

Lipsius discovers Gnostic traits in the story, but these are denied by Zahn (Gesch.

It circulated among the Nazarenes in Syria, and was composed, according to Zahn (op. cit.

In addition to these Clement often speaks of his intention to write on certain subjects, but it may well be doubted whether in most cases, if not all, he intended to devote separate treatises to 1 Zahn thinks we have part of them in the Adumbrationes Clem.