Sentence Examples with the word Zacharias

The first compound miscroscope (discovered probably by the Middelburg lens-grinders, Johann and Zacharias Janssen about 1590) was a combination of a strong biconvex with a still stronger biconcave lens; it had thus, as well as the first telescope, a negative eyepiece.

In 741 Pope Zacharias made him legate, and charged him with the reformation of the whole Frankish church.

Such an instrument was made as early as 1590 by Zacharias Jansen of Middleburg; and although Galileo discovered, in 1610, a means of adapting his telescope to the examination of minute objects, he did not become acquainted with the compound microscope until 1624 when he saw one of Drebbel's instruments in Rome, and, with characteristic ingenuity, immediately introduced some material improvements into its construction.

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Under cover of a storm, they opened the city-gates to their allies and proceeded to murder Ananus the high priest, and, against the verdict of a formal tribunal, Zacharias the son of Baruch in the midst of the Temple.

The largest hyperbolic table as regards range was published by Zacharias Dase at Vienna in 1850 under the title Tafel der natiirlichen Logarithmen der Zahlen.

This same Elector Frederick invited two young divines, Zacharias Ursinus and Caspar Olevianus,, to prepare the afterwards celebrated Heidelberg catechism, which in 1563 superseded Calvin's catechism in the Palatinate.

An historical work of somewhat similar character to John's is the compilation in 12 books which is generally known by the name of Zacharias Rhetor, 9 because the anonymous Syriac compiler has incorporated the Syriac version or epitome of a lost 6 See Brooks and Hamilton's translation of the latter, p. 234.

BENEDICTUS, the hymn of Zacharias (Luke i.