Sentence Examples with the word Z

An application of the finger for 20 or 30 seconds to the under surface of the vessel will then generate enough heat to lower appreciably the surface-tension, as is evidenced by the opening out of the dust and the formation of a bare spot perhaps r z in.

The early abbey was probably destroyed by the Danes in the reign of i z Ethelred the Unready (978-1015), for in 1043 Edward the Confessor founded here a college of secular canons.

With a more direct course, and in a widening, fertile valley it continues past Downton, Fordingbridge and Ringwood, skirting the New Forest on the west, to Christchurch, where it receives the Stour from the west, and 2 z m.

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If we suppose that the force impressed upon the element of mass D dx dy dz is DZ dx dy dz, being everywhere parallel to the axis of Z, the only change required in our equations (I), (2) is the addition of the term Z to the second member of the third equation (2).

Hanna, and in the National Republican Convention held in St Louis in June he was nominated for the presidency on the first ballot by 661 z out of a total of 906 votes.

Usually they are interpenetration twins with the principal axis as twin-axis; the prism planes of the two individuals coincide, and the faces r and z also fall into the same plane.

In other words, even if Country X and Country Y sign a free trade agreement, either (or both) can still pursue such an agreement with Country Z as well.

Let x, y, z be the co-ordinates of any particle of the medium in its natural state, and, 7 7, the displacements of the same particle at the end of time t, measured in the directions of the three axes respectively.

A scale N on the cylinder Z serves for setting the slide to any required position.

All civil cases involving less than z oo roubles value were within their competence, and more important cases by consent of the parties.