Sentence Examples with the word Yves

The most celebrated captains of these wars were present on either side - under Gaston de Foix were Bayard, Yves d'Allegre, La Palisse; and under Cardona the Spanish viceroy of Naples, Pedro Navarro the great engineer, and Pescara the originator of the Spanish tactical system.

It contains the sumptuous modern mausoleum of St Yves (d.

Denham (Colombo, 1906); Yves Henry, Le Caoutchouc dans t' Afrique occidentale frarKaise (Paris, 1906); E.

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In 1772 the French explorer Yves Kerguelen de Tremarec had discovered the land that bears his name in the South Indian Ocean without recognizing it to be an island, and naturally believed it to be part of the southern continent.

The island was discovered by the French navigator, Yves Joseph de Kerguelen-Tremarec, a Breton noble (1745-1797), on the 13th of February 1772, and partly surveyed by him in the following year.