Sentence Examples with the word Yucatan

The modern history of Yucatan begins with the expedition of Francis Hernandez de Cordova, a Spanish adventurer settled in Cub, who discovered the E.

The great problem in 41 1 1 the Maya settlements of Yucatan was that of securing and .preserving a water supply for the dry season.

C. Mercer, The Hill Caves of Yucatan (Philadelphia, 1896); Clarence B.

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The government itself must be held partly responsible, as for the transportation of the mountain-bred Yaquis to the low, tropical plains of Yucatan (see Herman Whitaker's The Planter, 1909), but the influence of three and a half centuries of slavery and peonage cannot be shaken off in a generation.

From Havana); and the Yucatan Channel, about 130 m.

The Maya district of Yucatan has also some vestiges of native traditions in the manuscript translated by D.

From Cuba went the expeditions that discovered Yucatan (1517), and explored the shores of Mexico, Hernando Cortes's expedition for the invasion of Mexico, and de Soto's for the exploration of Florida.

The railways include the three lines of the United Railways of Yucatan (373 m.), and a line from Merida to Peto (145 m.).

It dates from the creation of the bishopric of Mexico in 1530, with Fray Juan de Zumarraga as bishop, although two previous creations had been proclaimed at Rome, that of Yucatan in 1518 and Puebla in 1525.

In Yucatan the open plains, rich pasture, and comparative freedom from moist heat, insects and vampire bats, have been particularly favourable to cattle-raising, and the animals are generally rated among the best in Mexico.