Sentence Examples with the word York

Charleston, S.C., was evacuated late in 1782; New York on the 25th of November 1783.

And opposite New York city, with which it is connected by ferries and by two subway lines through tunnels under the river.

Folsom, Entomology (New York and London, 1906); A.

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The latter, named the America, was the first to be delivered, reaching New York in January 1829, but one of the others, the Stourbridge Lion, was actually the first practical steam locomotive to run in America, which it did on the 9th of August 1829.

Andros, previously appointed viceroy of New England, thereupon received a new commission extending his authority over New York and the Jerseys, and in August 1688 he formally annexed these provinces to the Dominion of New England.

After remaining in the Philippines under orders from his government to maintain control, Dewey received the rank of admiral (March 3, 1899) - that title, formerly borne only by Farragut and Porter, having been revived by act of Congress (March 2, 1899), - and returned home, arriving in New York City, where, on the 3rd of October 1899, he received a great ovation.

More or less closely connected with the Northern Church are the theological seminaries at Princeton, Auburn, Pittsburg (formerly Allegheny - the Western Seminary), Cincinnati (Lane), New York (Union) and Chicago (McCormick), already named, and San Francisco Seminary (1871) since 1892 at San Anselmo, Cal., a theological seminary (1891) at Omaha, Nebraska, a German theological seminary (1869) at Bloomfield, New Jersey, the German Presbyterian Theological School of the North-west (1852) at Dubuque, Iowa, and the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Kentucky, which is under the control and supervision of the northern and southern churches.

Granted to the Church of St Peter's at York mentions wapentacmot, tridingmot and shiresmot, and exemptions from suit to the thriding or riding may be noticed frequently in the charters of the Norman kings.

New York protested against the Bennington grant in 1749, but the question did not become serious until the chief obstacle to settlement was removed by the conquest of Canada in 1760-61.

The irony was missed on York who never seemed to notice how rioting eventually proved to be her nemesis.