Sentence Examples with the word Yesterday

And do you know, Daddy, the day before yesterday we ran at them and, my word, they didn't let us get near before they just threw down their muskets and went on their knees.

I heard Quinn say yesterday that flight to Santa Barbara was full so maybe he drove all the way into Los Angeles to pick them up.

I looked out the window, and lo! where yesterday was cold gray ice there lay the transparent pond already calm and full of hope as in a summer evening, reflecting a summer evening sky in its bosom, though none was visible overhead, as if it had intelligence with some remote horizon.

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Brandon lifted the couch cushions while she crossed to her bedroom and pulled the jeans she wore yesterday out of the dirty laundry with shaking hands.

He had been preoccupied yesterday with his business in Ashley.

I have not had any trouble at all with Helen, either yesterday or to-day.

I saw it in the paper yesterday and thought since I had Saturday off, I'd come out and look at it for you.

The phone call from Gerald yesterday provided the perfect opportunity.

He'd even taken her dancing once, and yesterday he picked her a mess of greens.

My dear Mother, Yesterday I sent you a little Christmas box.