Sentence Examples with the word Yearned

He knew she was crying, and every fiber of his being yearned to open the door and go to her.

The scientist in Quinn yearned for answers and it was killing him that Howie was obdurate about limiting his gift.

The words of Tiyan's warlords yearned to be read, their lesson clear: the creature was no ally of man.

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But he did not remain long in Paris, for, being a nervous and excitable boy, his health broke down, and he yearned for his home in Franche-Comte.

She almost felt weak from the ache at her core that yearned for him to be inside her.

He didn't know if she still yearned for her husband during a time when marriages among servants were arranged, but there was nothing that could soothe the ache a mother felt at losing her child.

The thought distracted her, and she both yearned to be with him and hated herself for not being able to shake the thought of him.

Protestantism; on the contrary, he yearned to beat these by their own weapons, chiefly by showing them that Catholics could interpret the Bible in a manner quite as mystical and pietistic as theirs.

Jackson shook violently, desperate to summon self-control, while every part of him yearned to cry out with the utter horror coursing through his mind.

While he yearned to return to New Hampshire I sensed he possessed a strong guilt, locking him to his mother's bedside.