Sentence Examples with the word Yanked

Vara gave a flurry of urgent words in the foreign tongue, succeeding in dragging him to the edge of the forest before Taran yanked free.

It was two years ago and one of my roommates yanked my long, golden blonde hair.

She yanked it open and gasped at the wall of man before her.

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He leaned over to her and yanked off the necklace marking her as the mate of the White God.

It was his immortal powers, which Death had yanked from him when she ordered Gabriel to take him to Hell.

Kin shoved her knees a part and yanked up her dress.

Deidre was yanked away from the demon holding her then released.

Jenn shrugged out of her backpack and yanked off her wet jacket.

Sometimes his brother let him out for a furlough, claimed he was free, and then yanked him back.

She marched to her bathroom and yanked out the five pill bottles, reading the labels.