Sentence Examples with the word Wyoming

Thomas Campbell's poem, Gertrude of Wyoming (1809), is based on this episode, various liberties being taken with the facts.

From this time the favourite route to the Pacific led through Wyoming but of all the thousands who passed few or none settled permanently within the present limits of the state, partly because of the aridity of the land and partly because of the pronounced hostility of the Indians.

On the admission of Minnesota into the Union in 1858, the eastern section was again left unorganized until the 2nd of March 1861, when the territory of Dakota was created, including the present Dakotas and portions of Wyoming and Montana.

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Of broken, hilly country, in which is a part of the state park of Middlesex Fells; it includes the villages of Melrose, Melrose Highlands, Wyoming and Fells.

Between 1880 and 1900 the average number of acres to a farm slightly increased - from 133.5 acres in 1880 to 151.2 acres in 1900 - instead of decreasing as in the older states of the Union; though the increase was not nearly so marked as in such states as Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Texas.

The finest examples of this kind are the moraines about Jackson Lake on the basin floor east of the Teton Range (Grand Teton, 13,747 ft.), a superb north-south range which lies close to the meridional boundary line between Wyoming and Idaho.

Forest growth in Wyoming is limited to the highest mountain ranges, the most important forests being in the Black Hills region in the N.E., on the lower slopes of the Bighorn Mountains, and in the Rocky Mountain ranges of the N.W.

In states such as Wyoming and the Dakotas the population is largely rural, and the deaths by lightning rise in consequence.

Pittston, named in honour of William Pitt, earl of Chatham, was one of the five original towns founded in the Wyoming Valley by the Susquehanna Company of Connecticut; it was first settled about 1770 and was incorporated as a borough in 1803.

By Wyoming and Idaho; W.