Sentence Examples with the word Wynn

Dr. Wynn stood in the middle of his office.

She heard what was behind his message, the cunning edge Darkyn didn't try to hide behind pretty words like Wynn did.

No apologies, no regrets, she repeated the mantra she adopted when Wynn first diagnosed her as terminal.

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Silently agreeing, Wynn released the breath he held only after he heard the door close behind Darkyn.

In the meantime, Wynn was trapped in a room that felt way too small with the deity he meant to kill instead of the human he almost succeeded in killing.

She's not broken like we are, Wynn had told Deidre before she left Hell.

Determined to find some peace and quiet, Wynn ignored the men racing in different directions through the hallways and went to one of the back stairwells.

She's malnourished and dehydrated, Wynn said.

Dr. Wynn knocked and opened the door.

Darkyn was standing beside a molten tear in the earth, flanked by seven demons that stood one and a half times the size of Gabriel, the largest man Wynn knew.