Sentence Examples with the word Write Down

With regard to the demonstration of Pliicker's equations it is to be remarked that we are not able to write down the equation in point-co-ordinates of a curve of the order m, having the given numbers 6 and of nodes and cusps.

The secretary was told to write down the resolution of the Moscow nobility and gentry, that they would furnish ten men, fully equipped, out of every thousand serfs, as the Smolensk gentry had done.

In connexion with this work it must be remembered that Vambery could write down but a few furtive notes while with the dervishes, and dared not take a single sketch; but the weird scenes, with their misery and suffering, were so strongly impressed on his memory that his, book is convincing by its simplicity, directness and evidence of heroic endurance.

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I have just returned from my benefactor, and hasten to write down what I have experienced.

The partitions being taken as denoting symmetric functions we have complete correspondence between the algebras of quantity and operation, and from any algebraic formula we can at once write down an operation formula.

Hence, excluding ao, we may, in partition notation, write down the fundamental solutions of the equation, viz.

He didn't even mention the incident until he was coming off duty nor did he write down the plate number so I could run it.

The passage which a copyist is reproducing may suggest to him something else and he will write down what is thus in his mind instead of what is before his eyes.