Sentence Examples with the word Wrist

Two obeyed and moved forward, slicing his wrist for her again.

With apparent satisfaction, she released Xander and placed her bloodied wrist to Xander's mouth.

She gently tugged her wrist from his hand, searching in her purse for the keys to the apartment.

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She jerked her wrist from his hand and turned away, thankful at least for the warning.

At first she said nothing but when he tried to rise, she grabbed his wrist and held it, her long nails cutting into his flesh.

She waved her wrist before the access pad, but once more, the warrior prevented the door from opening.

He paused, his jaw clenching and his grip on her wrist tight enough to hurt.

Kiera watched as he slid the band over his right hand to settle it at his wrist before stripping his own band off his left arm.

You're not fully twisting your wrist when you punch with the right hand.

The creature twisted her wrist and squeezed, capturing her blood in a small vial.