Sentence Examples with the word Would be

That Rhyn of all his brothers would be granted such an honor as an Ancient.s mate made a mockery of everything.

Secondly, he knew that the greater the proportion of the Athenians who were prosperously at work in the country and therefore did not trouble to interfere in the work of government the less would be the danger of sedition, whose seeds are in a crowded city.

I would be foolish to let you free within my walls.

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She was condemning a good person to a fate of darkness and despair, and yet, if he didn't understand the importance of his role, humanity would be annihilated.

That would be the most likely place the bear would go.

Now it is evident that the force in question, supposed to act upon the positive half only of the medium, produces just double of the effect that would be caused by the same force if the medium were undivided, and on the latter supposition (being also localized at a point) it comes under the head already considered.

When the new parliament met in the autumn of 1852, it was at once plain that the issue would be determined on the rival merits of the old and the new financial systems. Disraeli courted the decision by at once bringing forward the budget, which custom, and perhaps convenience, would have justified him in postponing till the following spring.

It would be impossible, were it desirable, to enumerate all the varieties of the articles turned out, or to overpraise the beauty and elegance of most of them.

By the square of the distance gives the velocity of the liquid at that point, then the total flux through any enclosing surface would be 47r times the strengths of all the sources enclosed.

Even in such work, where it would be thought that masses of burnt clay would be the cheapest conceivable material, concrete is at least on level terms with its rival.