Sentence Examples with the word Worthington

I'd try to smooth over the missing picture with Miss Worthington by telling her about this here notebook, but I can't be sure she'd keep her mouth shut and not blab about it to the Quincy ladies.

Miss Worthington spent the day waiting on Claire and showing her and her sister the old newspapers on microfilm at the library.

Some of 'em. Mrs. Worthington bought one.

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Things were a little slow this afternoon and Dr. Worthington offered to stay.

Fred emerged long enough to pass on breakfast, a sure sign the widow Worthington had fed him, and he was off to do his morning research.

Mrs. Worthington and her carload of gambling grannies returned Sunday night.

As these varieties intercross with each 1 See drawings made to scale by Mr Worthington Smith in the Gardener's Chronicle (25th December 1886).

Dr. Worthington took responsibility for the clinic and Carmen found the accountant's number in the desk drawer.

My friend Mrs. Worthington saw it.

I'm going to have the next two weekends off, so I told Dr. Worthington that I'd work tomorrow.