Sentence Examples with the word Worthies

Of the Miscellanies of the Fuller Worthies Library (1870).

Ben Sira indeed in his list of worthies mentions Zerubbabel, Joshua and Nehemiah; but Zerubbabel and Joshua he must have known from the books of Haggai and Zechariah, and he may well have been acquainted with that document relating to Nehemiah which the Chronicler incorporated with his book.

He was obliged to reconstruct the cabinet several times in order to get rid of troublesome colleagues like General Cassola, who wanted to make, himself a sort of military dictator, and Camacho, whose financial reforms and taxation schemes made him unpopular He had more often to reorganize the government in order to find seats in the cabinet for ambitious and impatient, worthies of the Liberal party-not always with success, as Seor Martos, president of the Congress, and the Democrats almost brought about a political crisis in 1889.

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Gardyne, Theatre of Scottish Worthies and Lyf of W.

The great majority of names in the long list of worthies of the commonwealth-writers, statesmen, orators, artists, philanthropists, reformers and scholars, are intimately connected with Boston.

Do not stay to be an overseer of the poor, but endeavor to become one of the worthies of the world.

Additional point is made by emphasizing his superiority over four renowned sages, sons of Mahol; but the allusion to these worthies (who are incorporated in a Judaean genealogy, i Chron.

We should be as good as the worthies of antiquity, but partly by first knowing how good they were.