Sentence Examples with the word World wide

When Dean telephoned the office of World Wide Insurance Company, his luck was no better.

Her daughter would grow up loved, not tolerated, in a world wide open with possibilities.

Milage logs were kept not with the drivers but with the pool cars, and World Wide must have more than 100.

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We checked a couple of bars local to the World Wide office but they were crazy-busy after-work places and no one remembers diddly.

Jeffrey Byrne was employed in a regional marketing position by The World Wide Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

The glove compartment contained a registration in the name of World Wide Insurance Company and maps of the east coast states.

Fred had spotted the World Wide files and had begun to read them, as Dean suspected he would.

Mr. Mayer at World Wide suggested it.

Dean recognized Jackie Rudman, the employee from World Wide Insurance in Philadelphia.

Dean wished he'd brought the picture of Jeffrey Byrne that World Wide had recently sent but it remained in the case file at the office.