Sentence Examples with the word Wooed

Henry was much courted, and wooed with promises of lands to be won from the other side by his ally of the moment.

Death had her pick of badasses from every generation of man and creature, and she wooed every one with the promise of endless riches and the ability to leave when they chose.

The young poet wooed the girl with poems, romances, dramas and mute worship, but received nothing except chilling indifference and lively ridicule.

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It was the Yirkins' first venture into their system, and they'd chosen Anshan, aided by traitors within his father's government who were wooed with the promise of ruling their own planet.

He had before wooed her in vain, and now carried her off to Mount Haemus, where they lived as king and queen of the winds, and had two sons, Zetes and Calais, and two daughters, Cleopatra and Chione (Apollodorus iii.

The basis of the 6th tablet is the familiar nature-myth of the change of seasons, in which Gilgamesh plays the part of the youthful solar god of the springtime, who is wooed by the goddess of fertility, Ishtar.

The cuckoo was also sacred to Hera, who, according to the Argive legend, was wooed by Zeus in the form of the bird.