Sentence Examples with the word Wombats

Extinct Marsupials Reference has been made to the Australasian Pleistocene genera Phascolonus, Diprotodon, Nototherium and Thylacoleo, whose affinities are with the wombats and phalangers.

As regards the teeth, in all cases except the wombats the number of upper incisors differs from that of the corresponding lower teeth.

In general form and action wombats resemble small bears, having a somewhat similar shuffling manner of walking, but they are still shorter in the legs, and have a broader and flatter back.

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There seems to be no doubt that fossilized remains of the dingo occur intermingled with those of the extinct Australian mammals, such as giant kangaroos, giant wombats and the still more gigantic Diprotodon.

In the wombats (Phascolomys) the dentition is i.

Presents resemblances both to the wombats and the phalangers, but is nearer to the former than to the latter.