Sentence Examples with the word Wolseley

There already existed a short line from the Point at Durban to the Umgeni, and on the 1st of January 1876 Sir Henry Bulwer, who had succeeded Wolseley as governor, turned the first sod of a new state-owned railway which was completed as far as Maritzburg in 1880.

It had, however, been seen and its strength recognized by Sir Garnet Wolseley during his brief governorship of the Transvaal.

Lord Wolseley had said that the special correspondent was the curse of the modern army.

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The rebellion was quieted and Sir Garnet Wolseley (now Lord Wolseley) was sent from Canada by the lake route, with several regiments of troops - regulars and volunteers.

Buller most wisely decided to withdraw the Desert Column from a position of extreme danger, it was determined at Korti that the River Column should proceed to attack Berber, and Lord Wolseley accepted the proposal of the government to make a railway from Suakin, telegraphing to Lord Hartington: By all means make railway by contract to Berber, or as far as you can, during summer.

To this proposal Lord Wolseley demurred, but asked that ships of war should be sent to Suakin, and that marines in red coats should be frequently landed and exercised.

But there were those, including Bishop Colenso, who thought the treatment of the Amahlubi wrong, and their agitation induced the British government to recall Sir Benjamin Pine, Sir Garnet Wolseley being sent out as temporary governor.

Sir Garnet Wolseley now assured the Boers at a public gathering that so long as the sun shone the British flag would fly at Pretoria.

This most inconclusive report, and the baseless idea that the adoption of the Nile route would involve rio chance of bloodshed, which the government was anxious to avoid, seem to Wolseley have decided the question.

Sir Garnet Wolseley sent messengers to the king, but Kofi Karikari refused to surrender.