Sentence Examples with the word Wo

The dioxychloride, WO 2 C12, is obtained as a light lemon-yellow sublimate on passing chlorine over the brown oxide.

Tungsten trioxide forms two acids, tungstic acid, H 2 WO 4, and metatungstic acid, H2W4013; it also gives origin to several series of salts, to which the acids corresponding are unknown.

T wo professors of theology at Leiden Jacobus Arminius Gomarus.

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Zenaku wo saiban suru tame no The unique standard which Virtue vice-judging sake of is used for judging virtue or mochiitaru yitsu no hyojun Wa vice is benevolent conduct used unique standard solely.

It is connected by a channel running eastward parallel with the sea, with the Wo and Little Popo lagoons, and with the Mono river.

Here is an example: Momiji-ha wo Kaze ni makasete More fleeting than the glint of Miru yori mo -withered leaf wind-blown, the Hakanaki mono wa thing called life.

At B there is only the latter kind, and since the transfer of matter is powoU, where po is the undisturbed density and wo is the undisturbed cross-section, since its velocity is U the passage of momentum per second is powoUo 2.

These belong to a group of four auxiliary particles called te ni wo ha (or we), which serve to mark the cases of nouns, te (or de) being the sign of the instrumental ablative; ni that of the dative; wo that of the objective, and wa that of the nominative.