Sentence Examples with the word Witt

He was notoriously no friend to the Loevenstein party then prevalent in Holland, and was displaced, his place being taken by Cornelius de Witt and Michiel Adriaanzoon de Ruyter.

McBain's De Witt Clinton and the Origin of the Spoils System in New York (New York, 1907).

Politically this opposition had the effect of temporarily reviving the Federalist party, which secured control of the legislature, and gave the electoral vote of the state in 1812 to De Witt Clinton, whom the Federalists had accepted as a candidate to oppose Madison for re-election on the war issue.

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A method of generating conics essentially the same as our modern method of homographic pencils was discussed by Jan de Witt in his Elementa linearum curvarum (1650); but he treated the curves by the Cartesian method, and not synthetically.

Hosack's Memoir of De Witt Clinton (New York, 1829); W.

He broke with De Witt Clinton in 1813, but nevertheless favoured, in 1817, Clinton's plan for the Erie Canal.

DE WITT CLINTON (1769-1828), American political leader, was born on the 2nd of March 1769 at Little Britain, Orange county, New York.

In 1817 an act was passed which ten years later ended for ever slavery in New York state; in the same year De Witt Clinton was elected governor and, largely through his efforts, the Erie Canal was begun.

The 1st of June, and in the November elections he was re-elected, defeating De Witt Clinton by 128 votes to 89.

John de Witt married Wendela Bicker, daughter of an influential burgomaster of Amsterdam, in 1655, by whom he had two sons and three daughters.