Sentence Examples with the word Withheld

The general commissioners met at St Andrews, N.B., in 1816, and in New York City in 1822, only to disagree; and when the king of the Netherlands, chosen as arbitrator in 1829 (under the Convention of 1827) rendered in 1831 a decision against which the state of Maine protested, the Federal Senate withheld its assent to his decision.

He then despatches his chief general Holofernes to take vengeance on the nations of the west who had withheld their assistance.

Warren Hastings, as a deliberate measure of policy, withheld the tribute due to the emperor, and resold Allahabad and Kora to the wazir of Oudh.

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He also withheld the identity of Josh, Dawkins Sr.'s mine manager, and the fact that someone fired a gun at the mine.

Rameses in his brief reign of two years planned and began the great colonnaded hall of Karnak, proving that he was a man of great ideas, though probably too old to carry them out; this task he left to his son Seti I., who reigned one year with his father and on the latters death was ready at once to subdue the Bedouin Shasu, who had invaded Palestine and withheld all tribute.

He withheld kisses and blood, refusing to sate either of her cravings.

He had insisted that priests should accompany their flocks in battle, had made them amenable to secular jurisdiction, had withheld the tribute due to Rome and had even claimed the right of disposing of ecclesiastical domains.

For a while the Gauls withheld their hands out of awe and reverence, but the ruder passions soon prevailed.

This bill was passed by both houses of Congress, just before their adjournment, but President Lincoln withheld his signature, and on the 8th of July issued a proclamation explaining his course and defining his position.

In1892-1893there was an open break between the General Assembly and Union Seminary, which repudiated the agreement of 18701 between the seminaries and the assembly; the assembly disclaimed responsibility for the Seminary's teachings and withheld financial aid from its students.