Sentence Examples with the word Wiping

He plopped down on one of the wooden chairs, oblivious to Cynthia who sighed and began wiping up behind him.

With an effort Sonya sat up and began wiping her eyes and explaining.

But the lower orders were excited by reports that the Armenians, supported by the European powers, were plotting the overthrow of the sultan; and their cupidity was aroused by the prospect of wiping out their heavy debts to Armenian pedlars and merchants.

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She crawled over him and snatched it, wiping its blade on her clothes before she hesitated.

She leaned her head back and looked up at him, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

He pushed her hand away and divided his attention between wiping his suit off and coughing.

Alex was wiping Ed down with a cloth.

After trying many experiments to obviate the irregularities arising from this cause, I find reason to prefer the simple one of carefully wiping the whole instrument, and especially the stem, with a clean cloth.

When dawn hits, I'm wiping every trace of that village off the planet.

He ducked under the water and came up, wiping the water from his eyes and pushing his hair back.